The Final Piece
of Integration

A few WordsClaimWare

The ClaimWare system is a culmination of all of the expertise and knowledge we have gained throughout our company history. We have taken all of our collective experience, technology and client input, and created the industry's first fully integrated claims management platform that incorporates all of the managed care modules in a single platform in one environment. The contrast is evident when compared to other claims systems that connect to other managed care platforms via EDI or other external means.


These modules include:

  • • ReviewWare

  • • CareWare

  • • ProviderLink

  • • Medical Bill Review/PPO

  • • Utilization Review

  • • Provider Connectivity for Remittance and RFA Management

The main benefit to this feature is that bill review history, UR approvals/activity/history and RX information and other related information are readily available to the claim staff, in a secure data center without dependencies on external EDIs. While these processes and applications are designed to be fully connected, they could also be unbundled based on specific client requirements.

There are many other unique advantages to this cutting edge system, so call today for a system demo!